Baker’s Dozen

This book was self-published in 2014 and contains 13 tunes (a baker’s dozen) for mandolin. Many of the tunes are original pieces, but the rest are arrangements of tunes from around the world: Italy, Portugal, Greece,  Israel, Russia, and Cuba. The tunes are in both standard notation and mando tab and a CD is included in the book, which is only available by writing to the author (contact information is provided on this website).

Table of Contents:
1. New Buckertoo in Town (Gus Garelick)
2.  Stairways (Gus Garelick)
3.  Mountain Dance (Israeli)
4.  Charanga (Cuban)
5.  Cossacks’s Revels (Russian)
6.  Monterey ‘68  (Garelick)
7.  Il Pensiero Polka (Italian)
8.  The Lost Mazurka (Italian)
9    Una Bambola Polka (duet) (Italian)
10.  Cavaquinho Balade (Portuguese)
11.  Danse Yorgo (Greek)
12.  East of Eden (Garelick)
13.  Song for Lil (Garelick)

(Available from the author.  $20, including shipping)